Upcoming Lace Wig & Hair Replacement Courses​​
Year 2020

​  3-7Th. March-2020
11-14Th. May-2020
  27-30Th. July-2020
  7-10Th. Sept-2020
9-12Th November- 3 spaces available
January 2021- Date to be confirm.
Additional Course Dates TBC

Upcoming Volumizer/Enhancer Course 224-25 February 
27-28 Apr. 2020 
25-26 May 2020 
3-4 June 2020 
​14-15Th September-3 spaces available

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Mega Miracle Conditioner

S forumla: from £280
D forumla: from £280

Our special conditioner encapsulates the hair like a net, and penetrates through the cortex and cuticles resulting in a silky and smooth surface free from tangling! The conditioner is created with a perma-moisturising treatment which injects a form of protein in through the cortex that prevents the hair from drying up. 

This sensational innovative product ensures that the after effect of the conditioner lasts from 20-25 shampoos! If this product is used on quality Remy hair, it will ensure that the hair replacement pieces and hair extensions created are of a superior nature.

The silky smooth effect of this powerful conditioner lasts from 20-25 washes and is ideal for raw Remy hair, old wigs, bad quality hair, Indian hair, and so much more. 
Depending on the conditioner you purchase, the effects range from; restoring damaged hair, ensuring hair is tangle free, leaving hair silky and smooth. 

Our Mega Miracle conditioner created using a secret formula of conditioning agents leaving the hair nourished, silky, free of tangling and extremely smooth. We highly recommend this product for lower quality extensions, or wigs created with low quality hair. This product will boost the quality of the hair and give you a fabulous looking mane! This product contains all the essential ingredients needed to ensure the hair is at its maximum strength 

Choose from our two different conditioner types for the end results you desire!
Mega Miracle S formula: Leaves hair feeling soft and silky (not recommended for wavy or curly hair)
Mega Miracle D forumula: ideal for hair that is severly damaged and needs recuperation!

Both products are absolutely fantastic, and will leave the hair feeling healthy, nourished and full of life. This product is the only one of its kind in the UK. Get yours now! (Orders need to be made 1 month in advance due to the special preparation required) Email us at [email protected]

From £45 + PP

Tricho alopecia caps & integrations are for hair loss patches no bigger than a medium open hand. Extremely durable,longlasting, breathable and light ;can be cut of smaller hair loss areas. We can also produce them to your own specifications and size (for bigger areas of hair loss look at the caps displayed below)

For updated prices or more information write to us at: [email protected]

From £110 + PP

Cut to measure to almost any size, mono top for even more realistic parting, all back with intramesh hair lace system, perimeters in soft silicon so you can use any method of extension, pull through attachment including glue & celoptape for those with no hair, or any other method you wish. On top of that (and in the case that you client doesnt have a frontal hair line we have added a detachable welded lace so your client can display her front line if she need it to, which you can cut and copy your clients exact front line to the lace.
CUT WAITING TIME: theres no need to wait around for 8 hours creating a Volumizer system as they do in hair loss clinics , be Smart with your time and use these innovative systems.... Time is money!

This base system is Exclusive to us .
Colors:cream, brown or black. 

BULK                     KOREAN 
HAIR                      HACKLE

Korean Hackle, best quality
55 Cm long by 8Cm.Wide
£150 + pp

For prices of our bulk hair, please email us at 
[email protected]